Let's build a different world?

We have been educating since 2003 to expand the world perspective, the development of multiple intelligences, the free expressions and the respect to the differences

Our mission is to contribute to the individual and social development of each child, encouraging them to increase their autonomy and full potential to the extreme, at the same time they find out themselves as active elements on their own growth process.

With a school environment that reflects our pedagogical practice, PDG School has areas planned to attend the special needs of each age, always considering the contact with nature. Our team consists of teachers with graduate and postgraduate degrees in Pedagogy, Psychology and Psychomotricity.



We work on three approaches related to ecology: the environmental, respecting and caring for the environment as a duty of all through practical activities – such as taking care of the vegetable garden and reducing consumption; the personal, with moments of mindfulness and yoga; and the social, which concerns empathy and respect for others, worked in the form of projects and in daily coexistence with the entire team of our school community.

Multiple Expressions

For us, art, music and the activities with body and  movement are main languages for the development of the human being’s single expressions, like creativity, mpathy, curiosity and innovation.

Global Citizenship

Our goal is to lead the student to increase his  worldview and his interaction with the world,  experiencing different cultures and the second  language acquisition since his first year of life.

Digital Culture

We believe in the power that the technology holds in the learning process, transforming our teaching methods in four topics: access to information, interactivity, customizing tools and continuous development of the information management.

Pedra da Gávea School's Methodology

Healthy diet

We believe that eating healthy food must be encouraged since early childhood. Therefore, our students eat a healthy diet since their early years. The nutritionist carefully elaborates the menu. Our main concern is the reduction of industrial products consumption.

Along the whole early childhood, the kid becomes more and more selective, for that reason, meal time demands patience and caution to turn this time into a pleasant and effective moment.

During snack time we mainly provide fruits and cereals. At lunch time, we offer a wide variety of food and a balanced diet, regarding the food groups.