Ensino Fundamental I e II

We work with a single and customized teaching perspective, our goal is to contribute to each child to build their identity and school journey, developing their potentials to the extreme.

We work with the concept of a “maker” culture, that comes close to the idea of thinking about the making process, with the purpose of developing projects, thinking and coming up with solutions for tangible issues. We develop their abilities through situations that demand reflexion, analysis and decision-making process, in a creative and significant way.

Constructivism contributed significantly to Modern Education. A number of the most innovative teaching strategies around today's world have been developed through this learning approach, as the children have been gradually brought to the center of the pedagogical process as active subjects. Several practices have been developed to reach this goal, such as those directed to work with projects.

Os eixos de trabalho referenciam a prática por projetos em nosso Ensino Fundamental 1 e 2, na medida em que definem temas de trabalho no âmbito da autonomia, da cidadania e das competências. O currículo (obrigatório, pela Base Nacional Comum Curricular, bem como o complementar da Escola Pedra da Gávea) é desenvolvido neste enfoque, a partir de temas e projetos que são socializados e construídos junto aos alunos, dentro das respectivas fases de desenvolvimento.

Additionally, our cornerstones complement the compulsory curriculum and add the idea of a school guided to the needs of the current world. Sustainability, Global Culture , Technology end Multiple Expressions, are an important part of our Political-Pedagogical Project and point to a holistic human.

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Compulsory Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

Compulsory Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities

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