Early Childhood

As the children interact with free play, literature and culture, they create, learn, develop critical thinking and an understanding of the world. We believe in the strength of the child demonstrations, its beauty, its meaning and its importance. Our children’s routine is full of excitement! Here, knowledge development is playful, creative and exciting.

Here we need to come up with a text that introduces the functionality of viewing some specific space of the school from a 360º video.

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Espaço Bebê

No Espaço Bebê atendemos bebês e crianças de 8 meses a 3 anos de idade. Com o objetivo de desenvolver a autonomia, autoestima e criatividade, oferecemos um ambiente seguro e acolhedor que conta com espaços planejados para atender às necessidades dessa faixa etária: ateliê, biblioteca, sala de corpo e quintal cercado de muito verde.

São 2 ou 3 horas e meia com estímulos diferenciados e muita socialização, 2, 3 ou 5 vezes por semana.

Our groups

The groups division into colors create a sense of belonging, facilitate the social interaction and bring them close to the arts, providing an innovative experience learning to our students.


1 to 2 years old

The children get to know what the world is made of, through investigations and a lot of movement, they develop their language and learn how to connect with the group. By providing the kids moments full of messy, affection and surprises, we show them it's worthy to grow up and leave the mom's arms.


2 to 3 years old

This is the year of the language development explosion, and the socialization moments are full of story acting. They create characters and there is also a lot of investigation of the world contrasts. The kids experience the world and we show them how the differences are interesting.


3 to 4 years old

Immersed in a fantasy world, the literature universe fascinates this group, who fully live each knowledge step and with a sparkle in their eyes, they want to know how the world works in detail. We show them how logic enriches the make-believe like magic


4 to 5 years old

Through the student's oral speech, we provide moments of group work to develop the children's own thinking and creative skills, inventing their own texts, stories, books... In a very playful way, the kids learn the value of being capable of developing solutions for themselves.


5 to 6 years old

This group mission is to unveil the world of writing! The children from this group elaborate new hypotheses about the writing and each activity proposed, finding out this universe with pleasure of becoming great authors. With the attitude of creative students, our kids investigate the “grown up way” of writing

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