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The School

Pedra da Gavea School aims to educate children to develop critical thinking skills, to increase their world perspective, to freely express themselves, to respect the differences, to interact with each other, to acknowledge human plurality, to develop the idea of belonging to a species and to a planet, encouraging the child to develop their potentials to the extreme and find out they are active elements on their growth process. Our mission is to offer knowledge and interdisciplinary child-focused explorations that lead them to new developments. Our projects distinguish the children's play as a source of knowledge and the multiple languages as a possibility to communicate, express and document ideas.

Our units

Barrinha I Unit

Nursery and Early Childhood
Manhã: 8h às 12h | Tarde: 13h  às 17h | Integral: 7h30 às 18h
Rua Prof. Milward, 110 – Barrinha Agendar visita na Barra

Barrinha II unit

Ensino Fundamental I e II
Manhã: 7h15 às 12h45 | Tarde: 13h às 18h | Integral: 8h às 18h
Av. Vitor Konder, 459 - Barrinha Agendar visita na Barrinha

Ipanema Unit

Nursery and Early Childhood
Manhã: 8h às 12h | Tarde: 13h às 17h | Integral: 7h30 às 18h
Rua Nascimento Silva, 470 - Ipanema Agendar visita em Ipanema

Jardim Oceânico Unit

Nursery and Early Childhood
Manhã: 8h às 12h | Tarde: 13h às 17h | Integral: 8h às 18h
Av. João Carlos Machado, 411, Barra da Tijuca Agendar visita no Jardim Oceânico

Our partners

Mimos Club

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